Alice Mizrachi: Deific CityScaper

Alice Mizrachi’s creations, from her fine art paintings tinged with romanticism, to her eclectic public murals; from her elegant lace-like stencils, to her spine-tingling installation pieces, makes writing this introduction about the boisterous New York-based artist a herculean task.  Simply put, her works excites me and I stumble in trying to describe it.  You see, it’s because Alice constructs WORLDS, as in, not one place that’s reproduced over again in her paintings, but a million macro and microcosms inspired from the complex that is New York City.  Look closely and New York is undoubtedly her complicated, omniscient muse, that cryptic stranger wandering in the hazy, dream-like foreground; that colourful defacto cupid looking over nervous lovers.   Think of Alice in Wonderland the urban version.  But it’s not just the complicated New York landscape that makes Alice Mizrachi a standout, it’s her ability to juxtapose opposites and bring out political and personal narratives that lacerate throughout her work.  From soft, flowery stencils fused against gritty, blocky buildings, to the divine woman by way of the concrete homegirl, Alice fuses urban cityscapes with spiritual escapes, creating a whimsical world that completely engulfs the viewer.  Tune in and get lost, you won’t regret it.


Alice Mizrachi picAlice Mizrachi is a painter and teaching artist in New York. Through painting, murals, printmaking and installations, Alice creates figurative work that depicts characters whose relationships and emotions reflect her perspective of the social environment. Alice seeks to spread empathy and compassion through site-specific projects that are positive visual responses to social issues that affect neighboring residents.

In her roles as artist and teacher, Alice explores art as a path for communities and individuals to heal through creative expression. She works to empower and inspire women and girls by elevating females to sacred archetypes in her art. And as a teaching artist, Alice extends her personal commitment to art as a tool for healing through hands-on creative projects that help others express their ideas about topics such as environmentalism, identity and community.

Alice co-founded YOUNITY in 2006, a women’s art collective that has provided a professional platform for hundreds of women in the arts through exhibitions, panel discussions, mural productions, and youth workshops.

Alice occasionally lectures at universities and participates in discussions on arts and activism topics; she also writes curriculum and leads staff-development workshops for arts programming. She has received numerous grants and has an ongoing studio residency in Manhattan.

Her artwork has been exhibited at Washington DC’s Museum of Contemporary Art and The National Women’s Museum. She is represented by Mighty Tanaka Gallery in New York and Bazel Gallery in Tel Aviv, and her work has also been shown in galleries around the world including Colette, Causey Contemporary, Fifty 24LA and Intermedia Arts.

Publications which have featured Alice and her artwork include The New York Daily News, Time Out NY, New York Magazine, Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Juxtapoz, Haaretz, and Street Art NYC, among others. She is a 1999 graduate of Parsons The New School for Design in New York City.

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