Meghan Murphy: Feminist Provocateur

It’s hard to ignore Vancouver-based feminist and journalist Meghan Murphy, especially if you’re plugged into Twitter and follow popular media and culture sites.  It’s not only because Meghan writes and critiques trending feminist issues, she does so in bullet speed and saucy tones.  From exposing the limits of Twitter Feminism to Terry Richardson’s pornography by way of fashion photography; from Prostitution to feminist misogyny, the Feminist Current founder is front and centre in many current debates and often with controversy.   Love her or hate her, Meghan is a Feminist Provocateur in the purest sense.  For this episode of MsRepresent: Behind the Face, a Fierce Woman, Meghan shares her views on prostitution, the Bedford Case, Amnesty International and the dangers of feminist pornography.


Meghan Murphy picMeghan Murphy is the founder and editor of Feminist Current. She is a freelance writer and journalist from Vancouver, B.C., holds a Masters degree in Women’s Studies from Simon Fraser University and is completing a graduate degree at the University of British Columbia’s School of Journalism.

Meghan has been blogging about feminism since 2010. She is known for going against the grain and was the first to publish a critique of Slutwalk, as well as being one of the few popular bloggers who publicly articulates both a radical feminist and socialist position against the sex industry. Meghan’s critiques of #twitterfeminism, burlesque, self-objectification in selfies, and choice feminism have brought both acclaim and attacks, but most of all recognition as a writer who isn’t afraid to say something different, despite what popular feminism and mainstream media deem to be the party line.

You can find more of her writing in The Globe and Mail, The Georgia StraightAl JazeeraMs. MagazineAlterNetHerizons MagazineThe TyeeMegaphone MagazineGood,  National, xoJane, Vice, and New Statesman.

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