Kim Koch: Book Archaeologist

I’ll be honest, Kim Koch has one of my dream jobs: running a used bookstore along a burgeoning book renaissance pedestrian-friendly strip peppered with cafes and record shops.  It’s not only because she’s surrounded with books 24/7, but her job requires her to find books—the more eccentric the better—from first edition antiques to uncorrected unbound proofs; from post-WWII crime dramas to anarchist manuals.  What’s more, Kim gets to converse with fellow bookworms and bibliophiles, and organizes weekly readings featuring local poets and writers.  In a sense, Kim is not just front centre of Vancouver’s book renaissance, she’s running an intellectual salon—and succeeding—in the thick of a digi-tech maelstrom in a cozy setting complete with brick walls, bright windows and flowers.  Yes, flowers.  See?  Dream job.


KimPicKim Koch is the co-owner of The Paper Hound, the latest addition of downtown Vancouver’s charming book row.  The Victoria-born and raised child of librarians, Kim is the definitive bibliophile-book hunter:  when she’s not manning the shop, she’s scouring estates, second hand shops and even her own book shelves to add to The Paper Hound’s growing collection of mainstream, out-of-print and quirky doctor-nurse romance vintage paperbacks.  For this week’s episode of MsRepresent: Behind the Face, a Fierce Woman, the former Macleod’s Books employee, talked about the return of the book renaissance amidst the digital age of eBooks, running a popular second-hand bookshop against the backdrop of massive bookstore closures, and what it’s like to be a young—very young—woman bookstore owner within a culture often dominated by old, curmudgeonly male sellers and owners.




2 thoughts on “Kim Koch: Book Archaeologist

  1. Hi Kim,

    I found your lovely bookstore online and decided to contact you. I’m going to be in Vancouver this Friday, May 2nd. I’d like to bring in a couple copies of my recently published novel titled, “Strum: A Novel” (that’s the FB name), if you would like to display and sell it. The book just won an award in the Great Northwest Book Festival competition last month and, notably, the book takes place in Canada (and many other locales, but I love Canada, and altho not a resident , I’ve traveled extensively through it and somehow ended up locating my first novel there). Please let me know if you would like to do this. In the event you would like to organize something ad hoc, I’d be happy to… just let me know.

    Here is it’s link on Amazon: My website is: I hope this email finds you well. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,

    Nancy Young
    Author of Strum


    • Hi Nancy!

      Congratulations on your book! Kim Koch was a guest for my podcast, but I’m definitely going to forward your comment to her. I hope you both connect!



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