One Drop or Two: Mixed-race Identity and Politics in America with Sharon H. Chang

When Seattle-based researcher and writer Sharon H. Chang wrote an essay that detailed why she tells her mixed-race son that he’s Asian and not white, many readers were surprised—some were downright offended—that she would deny him his “whiteness.”  These reactions led Sharon—who herself is mixed-race—to write a follow-up essay aptly titled Why Mixed with White isn’t White.  Naturally, I had to feature her on MsRepresent: Behind the Face, a Fierce Woman.  For this episode, Sharon tackles race, racism, mixed-race identity and the dangers of assuming white privilege when you look anything but.  Yup, we went there.  Check it out.


PortraitSharon H. Chang is multiracial Asian woman and South Seattle-based mother raising awareness around the unique experiences of multiracial Asian families.  Sharon has an MA in Human Development with an Early Childhood Specialization.  She is currently working on a 2015 book for Paradigm Publishers examining multiracial Asian Identity in early childhood, and is a frequent contributor at Racism Review and ParentMap Magazine.



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