The Brain and the Ballet Dancer: Dr. Crystal Dilworth on Brain Chemistry and the Co-dependency between Art and Science.

caltech molecules

Photo by Lance Hayashida for CalTech.

It’s hard to remember all of Dr. Crystal Dilworth’s achievements, not because they aren’t impressive, but because she has too many.  The former child prodigy studied dance at the Ailey School in New York, completed her PhD in chemistry at CalTech, mastered the violin and is a nationally ranking gymnast.  Yes, folks, we have an Olympian is in the house.  For this episode, Dr. Dilworth shares her thoughts about women in science, neuroscience, electronic cigarettes, Little Shop of Horrors, and the co-dependent relationship between art and science.



Photo by Tigran Tovmasyan

Dr. Crystal Dilworth received her PhD in Chemistry from Caltech, where she studied the molecular basis for nicotine dependence. She now works as a science communicator on the Al Jazeera America network as a contributor for the TV show TechKnow. Additionally, she has hosted the video series Fail Lab for the Discovery Digital Network, and is a co-founder of PHDtv. Dr. Dilworth is a former professional dancer trained at the prestigious Ailey School in New York City, and a professional choreographer. Through her work, she hopes to challenge the narrow stereotypes surrounding science and scientists, improve diversity within STEM fields, and chip away the walls of the academic ivory tower to revel science as a dynamic and exciting process, and scientists as human, multifaceted, and cool.



Intro/extro music:  Rainbow” by Emilie Simone.  Remix from the original.

Additional music: “A tua choradeira é meio salário em lenços” by Stealing Orchestra & Rafael Dionísio.  Remix from the original.

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