Season 2!

Fierce listeners! Welcome, welcome, welcome to MsRepresent’s brand new website and to the show’s brand new season!

Fierce guests from season 1.

Fierce guests from season 1.

Over the last year, friends and listeners have been asking when I’ll be putting out new episodes, who’re my new guests, and most importantly, WHY am I taking so long to get new episodes out? To be honest, I never planned a hiatus, quite the contrary. Since January, I’ve been working on the website, researching (a lot!), getting feedback, interviewing (a lot!), assessing, and taking in the surprise success MsRepresent achieved in less than a year.

When I first started podcasting, I had NO idea what I was doing, where I was going, how often I was going to produce an episode, how long each episode was going to be, etc… I didn’t even know how to edit audio tracks! The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to conduct feminist-themed interviews with fascinating women in the arts, sciences, feminism, activism, music and beyond. Each and every woman I reached out to who graciously agreed to be interviewed blew me away and exceeded my expectations. I was in a constant state of inspiration and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with podcasting and to keep looking for, and featuring women who I believe are super fierce, articulate and important role models for girls and women everywhere.

Beyond my guests I was very surprised by the responses from listeners, and the support and opportunities that came my way. I’m very honoured to have MsRepresent included in the Rabble Podcast Network, and over the last year, I’ve met and collaborated with fellow podcasters, spoken at public speaking events, offered writing and blogging gigs, and I’ve connected with incredible communities and individuals whose stories I could never access had I not started podcasting.

The second season is not only loaded with new features, but this website will include essays that are related to the guests, and whose content reflect MsRepresent’s mandate to uncover women’s history, culture and culture-making. In reflection of these themes, Women Hurrying History, a new segment at the beginning of each episode will feature a particular shero, feminist or historical event that tells of women’s collective will-power and action. Each episode will also be a standard one hour broadcast packed with music, poetry, commentaries and more soon-to-be-revealed features!

So once again, I want to thank YOU, the dedicated and very patient listeners, thank you, thank you for sticking around, and for new listeners, welcome to the show. I also want to give a very special shout-out to Andrew Sayo, Eirene Cloma and David Ball whose overwhelming support and encouragement lifted MsRepresent off the ground and online.

Much fierceness ya’ll! Stay tuned for more!

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