Listen: “If her name survived this long, that’s a huge indicator of her importance” Biologist Emily Temple-Wood on science and the vanishment of women

Emily Temple Wood

Photo by Jason Kruger.

Today’s guest is Emily Temple Wood, who recently graduated with degrees in molecular biology and Arabic and Islamic studies from Loyola University Chicago. This fall, Emily will begin medical school at MidWestern University. Aside from her academic achievements, Emily is a prolific writer and essayist on women scientists and is a Wikipedia Editor. She is the creator of WikiProject Women Scientists, an initiative that documents the lives, accomplishments and contributions of women in STEM fields. Now, as if managing this project, writing several essays a week, and attending school full time wasn’t enough, Emily is also the Vice President of WikiMedia DC, and a board member of the Wiki Project Med Foundation.

There’s so much more I could say about Emily, but I’d rather that you listen to our super fun conversation about women in science, online trolls, feminism, botany, and the vanishment of women.


Emily Temple-Wood is a medical student, feminist, and Wikipedia editor. In 2012 she founded WikiProject Women Scientists, an effort to increase the quality and breadth of coverage on Wikipedia. She writes about women’s health, genetic disease, and astronomy as well. She lives in Chicago with her partner and her cat, and loves any and all Felidae, Mustelidae, and Cephalopoda.



Emily Temple-Wood, Elysse Cloma, Jessica Lio, Karina Tapnio, Mitch Lee, Jordan Leask, and Stefanie Rangel.

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